Your Data, Our Security Systems, The Perfect Partnership


H-Box Health is the only truly independent application that delivers rapid, scalable and seamless connectivity across disparate healthcare, home health and personal-security systems and services.

H-Box Health's data sharing capability covering all linked/available health data systems enables the sharing of patient-authorised e-health records with health service providers, including GPs, hospitals, medical specialists, aged care facilities, dentists and physiotherapists. The system handles both PAS and clinical data, as well as financial data and analyses. The patient controls which health care providers can see which part(s) of their medical history, ensuring that the health care provider is able to deliver healthcare with unprecedented certainty.

Using state-of-the-art data and system security, combined with AI-driven facial recognition technology, H-Box Health delivers complete information integrity.

H-Box Health's advantages include:

  • • Speed of implementation is measured in days rather than months or even years
  • • Costs are kept to a minimum
  • • In-built FHIR and HL7 compliance ensures absolute data integrity
  • • Applications are future-proofed - as new/better platforms become available, they can be utilised with a minimum of effort, zero data loss and zero disruption.

H-Box Home Hub security and health monitoring system:

  • • Helps keep elderly and disabled people in their own homes for longer with a high degree of personal safety.
  • • Supports them in order to keep them out of hospital and, if hospitalised, help them to return safely to their homes much sooner.
  • • Provides a high level of personal contact of a social nature ensuring faster intervention when medical issues arise.

H-Box Home Hub security system with facial recognition and sentiment (voice) recognition:

  • • Keeps people safer in their own homes with better alert/alarm systems both to home occupiers and relevant authorities.

H-Box Home Hub – has a direct effect on the cost of living and welfare and will:

  • • Add many jobs in support of the Home Hub – safety and health system.
  • • Place people in work and reduce the burden on welfare.
  • • Help ensure that Insurance premiums remain at much lower levels and may, in many cases, reduce.

Underlying Statistics

Home Health:
The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that there will be more than 5 million over 65’s by December 2022.
There were more than 460,000 people eligible for NDIS in Australia as at 30th June 2020, and, this will grow to more than 500,000 in the next few years.
The NDIS scheme was expected to exceed the estimated cost of $22billion a year by 2020 and according to a new report prepared for state and federal ministers, the cost of NDIS could reach $60billion by 2030.

Home Security:
More than 40% of home invasions for over 60’s occur while they are at home resulting in trauma, property damage and theft usually with extreme violence if the perpetrators are interrupted. Police, Emergency Services, Hospitals are all affected.

Family Safety:
In 2016 in Australia, police dealt with an estimated 657 domestic violence matters every day. That is one every two minutes, and it is on the rise.
In the year ended 30th June, 2020, there were 88,214 family violence incidents reported to police in Victoria, approx. one every 6 minutes.
There are over 12,000 intervention orders issued in Victoria each year and in 2020 there were more than 92,000 breaches.
The result is more pressure on Police resources, emergency departments and our courts stretching them further towards breaking point.
In addition, insurance premiums are subject to greater price pressure.

H-Box Outcomes

H-Box’s Home Hub targets the Home Health, Home Security and Family Safety markets by providing:

  • Access - All in-home devices send data to the Integrated Information repository through a single interface
  • Availability - All collected and collated information is available to applicable services and users, as permitted. Once again, through a single interface
  • Data Security - Data is stored with full Privacy and Security protection – available only to approved users such as Family – Emergency Services – Community Health and GPs

H-Box’s Home Hub means that:

  • Data becomes Information
  • Information becomes Knowledge
  • Knowledge supports Safety

And this leads to confidence and with confidence:

  • • Many more “At Risk” Australians live more safely at home with:
  •     – In home support, Information monitoring, collection and sharing,
  •     – Reduced hospital admissions (or reduced stay),
  •     – Reduction in the number of re-admissions
  • • Through in home monitoringand alerts to clinicians and hospital out-patients
  • • Pro-active treatment rather than having to re-admit
  • • Home security is enhanced and home invasions are pre-empted by outside monitoring and detection of possible perpetrators before entry is attempted with security callout initiated
  • • Domestic Violence/Intervention order breach detection/management/deterrent
  •     – Better intrusion detection/prevention/deterrent
  •     – Identify intruders and alert Police before they enter premises
  • • Reduced cost of living and Community Cost
  •     – Reduced cost to institutional health and welfare
  •     – Slower increases to Insurance premiums (both health and property)